četrtek, 15. november 2007

Beer and flowers

I downloaded this picture because it remembers me on Laško, where I was partying on festival PIVO IN CVETJE! It was very fun and next year we will going again!!!

Photo credit: Lapor

nedelja, 11. november 2007

Studying foreign languages is a waste of time?

I guess we all know what would happened if nations spoke only their national language. International communication would not be possible. It is quite hard to imagine such a world. Therefore it is necessary to study foreign languages - to communicate with the world.

Unfortunately we do not have an universal language (except body language) that everybody would understand and speak. There were some trials e.g. Esperanto but so success was made. And even if people would accept Esperanto we would have to learn it as if it was a foreign language.

But anyway some selection must be made. When we decide to study any foreign languages we should consider the applicability of language. I guess it is quite inconvenient for an average American to begin learning Slovenian language.

I guess speaking foreign languages depends on the largeness of some nation, as well. Slovenes are obliged to speak at least English when we want to communicate to the world. But anyway it is better to know the foreign language and the native languages. Because if the whole world wanted to speak one language native languages would extinct and there for the notion of nation would extinct, too.

But once we are studying foreign languages I think it is a waste of time when we go into details unless we want to know the language better then native speakers. Learning is useable until we can communicate in that language without any problems.

And what are the objective solutions? I guess there are not any easy way solutions. You have to put some effort into learning foreign languages and I think it is worth. Because it is always good to understand other people. And if we are to lazy to learn that, we still can use our universal body language.

četrtek, 25. oktober 2007

Me and inernet

I start using internet in the end of elementary school, at eight grade. At that time I did not have a computer at home, so I meet with internet in school.
At first I search on internet different informations about sport, music, films, cars and the others interesting things. In high school I use an internet for
searching things for school if I have to write some paper report or for the home-works, which rested on independent researching. Fife years ago I got
my first e-mail on gmail. I have got this male ever since, because it is simple to use and because it have a lot of free space, which spreads on and on.
This year, when I am on Mechatronichs we started in english writing blogs and we have conection vith other students around the world, specialy with
students from Venezuela and Argentina. This is very interestig and new for me.
Now when I am older, I need internet for downloads fresh films, musics and computer games. I also need it for school and in the daily life. Most of all
I like msn, because I can talk with my frieds, who are not here, hours and hours for free. Every morning I reed fresh news on siol.net or in 24ur.com.
Also I am very enthusiastic on ebay and I bought a lot of things there, because it is more cheaper then in the comon store.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

About me

My name is Jaka Vidmar and I am 23 years old student. I have a twin brother but he stuying in Novo mesto. At first I was studying ecology in Politehnika last year, but I did not finish yet. Now I am here in TŠC. I live in Godovič where I have a lot of friends. In free time we play some sports but most of all we like a football. Between a weekend we partying a lot. From monday to friday I stay in Nova Gorica with three other students.